Nepal might seem like a morsel in a plateful, but it is just as filled with flavour. From the majestic Himalayas draping our horizons to the serene plateaus and valleys, Nepal is not just a scenic marvel, but also rich in its history and traditions.

The varied landscape and pleasant climate is nothing less than ideal for a vacation all year round. When the chills start climbing up your spine, steaming hot kulhads of chai and nashta await at nooks and corners of the beautiful mountainous scenery.

The multi-dimensional Nepali culture encompasses ethnic, tribal, and social diversity, manifesting in all of its art and tradition.

Just as welcoming as the country seems, everyone here is an eager and friendly guide, a warm and welcoming host, and an amateur towards higher wisdom.

Nepal Thinking is a manifestation of this Nepali mentality: the guide, the host and the wisdom.

This is one platform where you can look for all your answers regarding this beautiful country. Whether you're a tourist, a citizen or just a curious wanderer, Nepal Thinking is here to provide all that you may need.

From cultural heritages and natural history, current news and events in your vicinity, the best hotels and deals, travel and tourism, colleges and hospitals, residence and occupations, house-hold help and overseas information, Nepal Thinking is -

One Platform. All the Information.

At Nepal Thinking, we know every minute particle of this flavourful morsel, and look forward to growing together into a plateful.
We encourage you to be a part of Nepal Thinking with any information you wish to contribute towards this database.

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